3X more visibility Upgrade your head lights to HID Lights you'll receive brighter visibility adding safety compared to factory lights.


CanBus HID Newer vehicles must get canbus HID kit to cancel out any errors and avoid flickering lights.


Color Temperature  Give your ride a new custom look by upgrading to HID conversion kit.


Installation WARRANTY is included on your HID kit if installed by us. Technicians with professional experience on all types of vehicles.


Get your HID lights today! $149 new HID Lights Installed w/ Warranty

We stock every popular hid kit, call to check for your vehicles bulb size look up your vehicle here. We also have HID kits for fog lights we can also install fog assembly kits that can be install to your car. HID lights are available in a variety of colors 3K yellow, 5K white, 6K light blue, 8k true blue, 10K dark blue, 12K purple. Call 708.474.6625 to get your HID lights installed today for $149.99 warranty on parts and labor.


The most popular LED style is the Audi eyebrows, we can install LED lights to your head lights and/or fog lights to get more visibility on the streets and give your car a new look.

LED Strip

Interior LED Lighting

Interior | Under the dash to light up your floor with your favorite custom LED color. Inside the air vents to light up your vehicles interior, we can also change all of your factory interior lighting to LED lighting.

Exterior LED Lighting

Exterior | Head lights and fog lights, give your car that new audi eyebrow style, add some lighting in your trunk for more visibility. LED Lights on your doors is the most popular at Forza Customs, every time you open your door the street will light up with LED illumination.


Get HALO Rings installed onto your factory headlights. Aftermarket HALO Head Lights also available in our accessories page. 


Custom installation of vehicle make emblem product and installation sold by forza customs.  Give us a call for any questions - Emblems available Cadillac, Ford, Chevy, Audi, BMW, VW, Acura, Buick, Chrysler many more..